Tips to keeping gnats and insects out of your plants this summer.

5 Tips to keeping your house plants healthy, happy, and gnat free this summer!

We all know that gnats and insects are our plants worse enemy. Not only that they are super annoying and hard to get rid of. Because our doors and windows are open more and we are in spring/summer months we run the risk of dealing with gnats and insects and the first place they will go and lay eggs is in your plant soil and on your plant leaves.

Because i have been a Bougie Plant Mom for many years i have battled these pest and learned what to do and what not to do to keep my plants safe and happy. Below are my top 5 tips to help you through this season and to come out on top!

Tip #1 - Water Less!

I Know i know, you couldn't possibly only water your plant 2x's a month right? But you can! Most house plants prefer to be at lease partially dried out between waterings. Im sure the instructions said water 1x every week. Don't Do It your killing your plant and creating a perfect breeding ground for gnat larva. Gnats lay there eggs in the top layer of soil 1-2 inches deep, and they love wet soggy soil to lay those eggs in. So again cut back on your'll thank me later.

Tip #2 - Put your plants on a watering schedule

If you have more than one plant like i do its kinda hard to remember when you watered them and if you even watered them. Create a scheduled day on your calendar that you will water all your plants. Put the date on your calendar on your phone, or in your notes on your phone (set a reminder). Once you have the watering dates recorded only water on those dates. You can train your plants to thrive on this schedule and they will appreciate not being over watered.

"Its actually slowly suffocating when there is to much water in the plant soil " – Gardening Know How

Tip #3 - Wipe your plant leaves

Clean Your plant leaves! I found out i had an infestation in one of my plants while i was wiping the leaves. I seen these little white spots that looked like eggs on the back of the leaf. If i had not been in the habit of wiping my plant leaves off (at least 1x per month) i would have never discovered it and it could have possibly killed my plant and even worse spread to my other plants. Infestations spread quickly!

Tip #4 - Gnat Sticky Pads

Gnat Stickies for the win! You can get Gnats Sticky pads on Amazon for about $12. Not only are they great for catching gnats, they are also good for catching any other flying or crawling insect that may try to get into your plant. They also help you assess if you have a gnat issue in the plant by assessing the amount of gnats that are on the sticky pad after a couple weeks. I have one in each of my plant pots.

Tip #5 - Gnat Tea

Gnat Tea is just Mosquito Bits (order on Amazon) and water. Let the Mosquito Bits sit in the water for at least 1 hour (the longer is sits the worse it smells), then water all your plants with this tea when it's watering time. Gnat Tea kills the gnats larva in the soil as well any other insect eggs that may be in there.

Ready for summer time!

So again we are watering less and cleaning more! I hope these tips help keep your plant babies thriving and flourishing all summer long! For more tips download my ebook

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